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Welcome to House MD

We are interior design and decoration consultants that specialise in creating desirable homes that everyone wants.

Our work sells homes quickly by giving them the broadest appeal to the widest range of buyers.


Our experienced interior design co-ordinators will ensure that your home has the widest range of appeal and is displayed to its maximum potential.

Low cost, high impact

Improved first impression and perceptions

Removal of any psychological “barriers to sale”

A ‘neutralised’ home designed to appeal to the widest range of buyers

Increased chances of an improved offer / sale price

Increased desirability


Naomi redecorated our whole house, we put it on the market on Friday and we had sold it by Monday! We have now got her booked in for our new house to have her magic touch!”

Mr and Mrs Marsden

I was at the end of my tether with untrustworthy advice and useless help, so I called House MD. They helped me immensely. The communication was efficient and effective and the re-decorating and new lighting were excellent and absolutely the right decision. Having an independent pair of expert eyes to look over my house was super helpful. House MD went above and beyond helping me and supported with managing everything as I lived away. I was delighted with the transformation, and it resulted in a quick house sale. I would highly recommend.

Cate Gillingwater


At House MD we are passionate about creating beautiful surroundings that work whether you are staying or leaving a property.

Many properties have been transformed with our knowledge, experience, and attention to detail.

The team will provide fresh eyes and an unbiased approach to help achieve the sale you have been longing for.

“I want this house!”This is the exclamation you would like to hear from your first prospective buyer when viewing your home. If this is not their reaction, then why?
When you are a home owner, it is sometimes unclear where the problems lie. House MD is a dedicated home consultancy service which devotes its unrivalled experience to transforming homes into saleable and desirable properties. Research into property sales demonstrates that people make their mind up in the first three seconds of entering a home; therefore, it is crucial to impress from the moment they enter the front door. There is only one chance to make a good first impression!


We will assess your property and develop a bespoke plan that best suits your home.


Time and Design

Our interior co-ordinator will spend the day at your property, developing a bespoke plan to stage your home. We will de-clutter and re-position your furniture. And from there we can see whether there is more that needs to be done.


Time, Design and Decorate

All of stage one plus we will decorate in order to freshen and neutralise, to maximise the potential and value of your home.

We will supply materials and decorate your home in a style to maximise appeal to buyers.


Time, Design, Decorate and Repair

All of stage two but with the addition of minor repairs and changes such as regrouting tiles, changing taps and light fittings etc. We will also assess and restyle the property’s curb appeal.


Time, Design and Refurbish

All of stage three along with replacing carpets, tired bathroom suites and kitchens (full or part) for maximum impact, but minimum outlay.


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